Lagwagon Live In A Dive

Continuing in the fine tradition already established with six other Fat bands, the label’s original band finally weighs in with a 22-song collection captured over two particularly "on” nights at the House of Blues in Hollywood. With a set list that represents every album over the last 14 years, there’s plenty here to have diehard fans drooling with delight. They even include the long-ignored "Beer Goggles” just for posterity. If there’s one negative criticism about the record it’s that it sounds a little too good. Live performances are meant to be a little sloppy (and given how much these guys move around, making mistakes is inevitable). But there’s barely a bum not to be found here. In fact were it not for vocalist Joey Cape’s often hilarious between song banter, you’d probably never even know it was recorded live. Like the other live discs in the series, this one features some video footage in the form of a non-album track "Mr. Coffee” and an interview conducted by Fat Mike. (Fat Wreck)