Ladyhawke Goes Where the 'Wild Things' Are on New LP

Ladyhawke Goes Where the 'Wild Things' Are on New LP
New Zealand-born musician Pip Brown hasn't released an album under her Ladyhawke moniker since 2012's Anxiety, but that's about to change. She's just revealed that a new album titled Wild Things will arrive on June 3 through Polyvinyl.
It marks her first release for the label, and her third studio album overall. Over the course of her career, Brown has been based around the world in cities like Sydney and London, but the new Ladyhawke record was made thanks to a Californian connection. Through her Los Angeles neighbour, celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D, Brown was introduced to producer Tommy English, who helped make the new album.
"We sat in a room and would jam around, play around with ideas. Or he'll sit there making a beat," Brown explained in a press release. "I instantly knew when something inspired me. That's when we'd run with it."
They ran with 11 new songs for the final offering, which show off a new, brighter synth-pop side to Brown's music. It's the first music she's released since getting sober last year and comes on the tails of a full album's worth of songs that were scrapped when she decided they sounded "too dark or something."
The songs that did end up on the album come together to make a powerful statement of self-expression. "Everything I wrote was all the stuff I was going through," she said. "I got it out of my system, exorcised it from my soul."
The first preview of Wild Things has landed with lead single "A Love Song." It's been given an animated lyric video, courtesy of The Simpsons' Paul Robertson. Scroll past the LP's tracklisting to give it a look.
Wild Things:
1. A Love Song
2. The River
3. Wild Things
4. Let It Roll
5. Chills
6. Sweet Fascination
7. Golden Girl
8. Hillside Avenue
9. Money to Burn
10. Wonderland
11. Dangerous