Ladyhawk on Their Future: "There Will Inevitably Be Another Record"

Ladyhawk on Their Future: 'There Will Inevitably Be Another Record'
In the three long years since Ladyhawk's excellent second album Shots, the Vancouver-based fuzz rock quartet have been resting idle as band members focus on projects like Duffy and the Doubters, Sports and Baptists. That doesn't mean they have completely closed up shop, however, as evidenced by the recently leaked demos for "No Can Do" and "Footprints," both of which will be included on a proper vinyl release at some point soon.

 Ladyhawk bassist Sean H. recently revealed the status of the band to Exclaim! and the reason for their lengthy absence with the following statement:

Not much is happening with Ladyhawk currently; however, we are a band of brothers who all still love making music together. We withstood a serious blow when we were evicted for no good reason from our long-running jam space, Karachi Vice. A band isn't a working band without a place to rehearse.

There will inevitably be another Ladyhawk record, but we still need to record more material. There are four songs that we finished over a year ago that were supposed to be half of a new full-length or a twelve-inch single (à la
Fight for Anarchy) or a couple seven-inches. They are definitely some of the best songs we've recorded. Ryan [Peters] recorded demo versions, and a couple of our friends (Jeremy Jansen and Ilse Kramer) made videos for these versions that are up on YouTube.

Those versions are rough demos and the actual recordings that Colin Stewart did at the Hive sound great. Hopefully they will see the light of day soon in vinyl format.

While the statement doesn't offer any conclusive details on an upcoming record, it does prove that Ladyhawk are still a band and will return with ragged glory one day, if we're lucky. Meanwhile, if you're a Vancouver fan in the know on an ideal jam space, now is the time to get in touch with the band.