Ladyhawk No Can Do

LadyhawkNo Can Do
Given the long gap between 2008's Shots, and this, Ladyhawk's third record, you could be excused for heightened expectations. The band have proven to be an elusive fan favourite, dropping new material and touring infrequently enough to make any appearance or release an event. But No Can Do doesn't sound like an event record. It sounds like a Ladyhawk record, and a rather good one at that. "I'm a Witch" feels stuck in neutral coming after slow burning opener "Footprints." But the album finds its feet on the title track, laying out the band's MO: bottom heavy rhythm section, melodic leads and singer Duffy Driediger's soulful voice. Conventional guitar rock on the surface, Ladyhawk's songs have a way of burrowing deep, and No Can Do is chock a block full of such earworms. Like spiritual cousins Black Mountain, the Vancouver quartet rarely throw curve balls. Instead we get ten rock solid slabs of '70s inspired rock. The only complaint is that it's over so soon. (Triple Crown)