Lady Gaga Sued for $30 Million by Producer/Ex-Boyfriend

Lady Gaga Sued for $30 Million by Producer/Ex-Boyfriend
Producer Rob Fusari has had his hand in a number of pop radio hits over the last two decades, including tracks like Destiny's Child's "No No No" and Will Smith's "Wild Wild West." Most recently, the New Jersey-based producer was instrumental in launching the career of Lady Gaga. And even though we didn't really know who he was until today, we sure do now that he's launched a lawsuit against the increasingly popular pop star.

 According to the Associated Press, Fusari filed a $30 million U.S. lawsuit against the singer on Wednesday (March 17). If that number seems a little high, consider this: Fusari started working with Gaga when she was still working under her birth name, Stefani Germanotta. It was Fusari who supposedly gave her the name Lady Gaga, got her signed with Interscope Records and cowrote four singles from her debut album The Fame, including the smash hit "Paparazzi."

Fusari is claiming that Gaga (who was also his girlfriend for a while) ditched him once her career started to soar. Whether that means he hasn't been properly compensated or not is yet to be seen, and Gaga's camp has declined to comment on the situation as of yet.

Stay tuned, folks. This one is probably going to get ugly, or end in some big cash settlement.