Lady Lady

This is the self-titled debut album from American Billboard-charting Nicole Wray and UK chart-topper Terri Walker. After both finding commercial success, at the cost of artistic integrity, they joined forces to create an album that's soul-baring and soulful. The 11-track effort sounds like an ode to your favourite '60s divas, one fused with contemporary bass lines and production, best exemplified on their viral pre-release, "Money." Though nostalgic acts in R&B aren't rarities, what separates Lady from Solange or even Canada's Divine Brown is their sound, created by blending the two powerhouse voices, which transitions smoothly from solo verses to collective bridges. The album also offers great advice from two 30-something, world-travelling women, with tracks like "Hold On," which urges females to keep their footing, and "Please Don't Do it Again," a vocal guide to life-long friendship. The only thing missing from Lady is a genuine dance track — a doo-wop, shake-your-hair-out sing-along would have rounded out the body of work while still maintaining the integrity and vocal devotion. Lady deliver a definitive bright spot for those who remember when female R&B was great, and believe it can be again. (Truth and Soul)