Ladder Devils Nowhere Plans

Ladder DevilsNowhere Plans
This is the debut full-length from Philadelphia noise rockers Ladder Devils, released on Bloody Panda. The construction of Nowhere Plans is a little strange: the last five of the nine tracks appeared on their 2010 EP, Forget English. Ladder Devils later added four new songs in a Thanksgiving 2011 recording session and the sum and total became Nowhere Plans. The result is schizophrenic ― the second half of the record has a much looser, rolling, rollicking quality to it, messier, but also more relaxed. The first half of the album is tighter, but also tenser, more tightly wound. The production matches the patchwork identity, sometimes feeling rushed and haphazard, at other moments sounding achingly precise. But even at their most chill, Ladder Devils are a clattering, rapid bundle of nerves. There's desperation in the riffs and pace of the album, as though they were falling over themselves in a frantic attempt to blow off some steam. The vocals sound as though they're being wadded up and flung, as though getting the noise out and away will provide some kind of relief, release some terrible pressure. While the composition of the album may have some awkwardness, its shape a little ill fitting, the energy inside of Nowhere Plans ― the itchy anxiety ― is bang on. (Brutal Panda)