Label Troubles Force Morrissey To Postpone Release of New Album

Label Troubles Force Morrissey To Postpone Release of New Album
It appears that Morrissey has postponed the release date of his new album, Years of Refusal, because of label troubles. As we previously reported, the record was originally scheduled for a September release but is now being put on hold. According to a statement released via the online Morrissey zine, True to You, the delay stems from the Mozzer’s annoyance over Universal’s poor promotion of his recent Greatest Hits collection. Also, the statement reports that Morrissey is currently without a label in the U.S., which has further complicated the release of Years of Refusal.

However, the statement does say the album is now scheduled to hit in February 2009, or at least it is in the UK. "At the wish of Universal Music, Years Of Refusal has been put back to a February 2 release,” the statement reads. "There is also, at this stage, still no U.S. label for the album since Morrissey withdrew from Decca U.S. after their poor promotion for the Greatest Hits release."

True to You goes on to explain that Morrissey is also up in arms over the release of another greatest hits collection, this time one by the Smiths. "It is understood that Warner Music in London are releasing a Smiths Greatest Hits album in the final quarter of 2008. This release is without Morrissey's approval or involvement."

To top it all off, the statement confirmed that the needled Morrissey would not be playing any more live dates this year, instead staying at home with all his major-label woes.

Morrissey "Every Day Is Like Sunday [on a major label]”