La Fin Absolute du Monde "Black Sheep" (Justin K. Broadrick remix)

La Fin Absolute du Monde 'Black Sheep' (Justin K. Broadrick remix)
Back in the summer, we learned self-described "neo-noir" duo La Fin Absolute du Monde had brought Justin K. Broadrick on board for a remix project offering alternate versions of their "Black Sheep." Just ahead of the crowd-funded Black Sheep: Remixed's January 21 due date, you can hear the Godflesh/Jesu member's recasting of the track.

Still heard are the atmospheric whispers of Chicky and a series of tender, if eerily, plucked acoustic guitar, though Broadrick affixes dramatic slapback and a derelict drum machine clank into the mix by song's end. You can hear his unsettling update down below.

The seven-song set will also features guest work from Social Security, Sirko Drive and DARKforces.