Kyuss Lives! to Craft New Album Minus Josh Homme

Kyuss Lives! to Craft New Album Minus Josh Homme
Last month, stoner metal legends Kyuss announced that they would be reuniting after 15 years to play some European dates. The reunion tag was a little loose, though.

While the California troupe's comeback, billed as Kyuss Lives!, features vocalist John Garcia, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork, guitarist Josh Homme, of Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures, will not be taking part.

One month later and it still doesn't sound as if dude is coming back; he will be replaced by six-stringer Bruno Fevery, but there is still some more exciting news coming from the Kyuss camp. The band will be recording a new album as soon as they wrap up their tour.

An interview with Rock Sound finds Garcia dishing the dirt on the likelihood of a new Kyuss disc. Long story short, it sounds as if this is really happening.

"Our rehearsals are going so well that we're thinking of doing another record," the singer said. "Brant, Nick and myself have collectively agreed that once everything is done live and we're done with our solo projects, we're going to do another record."

This will be the first new material the group have released since their 1995 masterpiece ...And the Circus Leaves Town. Of course, this also means that this will be the first time Homme won't have a hand in the songwriting process. Garcia apparently doesn't mind. He doesn't think the Queens frontman would have participated anyway.

"I have nothing bad to say about Josh -- he's extremely intelligent, very smart, a great guitar player, great song writer, a great vocalist -- he is a bad ass, there is no question and I love him dearly but he is busy with his own thing," he admitted. "He has Them Crooked Vultures, Queens of the Stone Age, he's a father, a businessman and even if we asked him to do it, I don't think he'd say yes, so I don't want to set myself up for a big fat no which is 99.9 percent what he would say."

You can probably check out new tunes from Kyuss Lives! this spring during their European tour.

Tour dates:

3/11 Bergen, Norway - Rökeriet

3/12 Oslo, Norway- Rockefeller

3/13 Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser Medis

3/15 Hamburg, Germany - Docks

3/16 Berlin, Germany - Columbia Halle

3/17 Saarbrücken, Germany - Garage

3/18 Basel, Switzerland - Z7

3/19 München, Bayern, Germany - Backstage Werk

3/20 Budapest, Hungary - Gödör

3/22 Vienna, Austria - Arena

3/23 Milan, Italy - Live Club

3/24 Frankfurt, Germany - Hugenottenhalle

3/25 Paris, France - Elysee Montmartre

3/26 Athens, Greece - Fuss Club

3/27 Brussels, Belgium - AB

3/28 Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall

3/29 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso

3/31 Nottingham, United Kingdom - Rock City

4/1 Wolverhampton, United Kingdom - Wulfrun Hall

4/2 London, United Kingdom - The Forum