Kyuss and Fu Manchu Members Band Together as Sun and Sail Club

Kyuss and Fu Manchu Members Band Together as Sun and Sail Club
Stoner rock worlds are colliding, with members of Fu Manchu and Kyuss announcing they've united under the banner Sun and Sail Club.

Made up of Fu Manchu guitarist Bob Balch, drummer Scott Reeder and, just to make things complicated, Kyuss/the Obsessed vet Scott Thomas Reeder on bass, the trio's Mannequin drops sometime in November via Satin Records Recordings.

According to a press release, Balch began crafting cuts for the project in between Fu Manchu tours. The guitarist notes that the riffs concocted were "really frantic and dark" and featured "lots of notes and strange chords." After sending files to drum-pounder Reeder and getting the thumbs-up, he decided to try his luck with roping Scott Thomas Reeder into laying down some four-string work for the project.

"I really wanted Scott Reeder to play bass on it," Balch said in a statement. "I love the work he's done in his recording studio too, so I figured that if we recorded stuff there, hopefully he'd dig it and play on it... He asked to play on it and I almost crapped myself. I don't think I've ever said 'Yes!' faster. His bass lines are insane."

After solidifying the lineup and deciding to take a vocoder-heavy approach to Balch's vocals, Sun and Sail Club hit the studio with producer J. Robbins.

While details behind the tracklisting, cover art and due date have yet to be delivered, two new album trailers give a glimpse of what to expect from Mannequin. Full of robotic vocals, fiery riffs and drum fills, you'll find both down below.