Kyle Brenders Flows and Intensities

Ingenious Toronto saxophonist Kyle Brenders makes the most of his solitude on the ambitious and varied Flows and Intensities. As a lead figure in the AIMToronto collective, Brenders is an accomplished composer and prolific performer, having studied and played with Anthony Braxton and David Mott, among many others. Remarkably, this is Brenders’ first attempt at recording solo saxophone compositions and the pent-up work pours out of him dynamically. "Hansom Expo” begins as a steady drone, which becomes bagpipe-like in its distinctive fluctuations. Its relative serenity is replaced by a Braxton-like display of frenetic, flickering notes and pregnant pauses on "Code.” Pieces like "Measure Stress Pressure” are less thematic, as Brenders soars and drops to the tune of a transparent groove that propels his horn into an animated, emotional realm. Energised by the task before him, Kyle Brenders has learned from the best and their tutelage has spawned a master on the rise. (Independent)