Kurt Vile Announces New Album via Mural in Philadelphia

Kurt Vile Announces New Album via Mural in Philadelphia
When it comes to methods of announcing a new album, this is pretty much as unusual as using a baseball hat. Prolific psych-folk dude Kurt Vile has a new album on the way, and he's confirmed it via a massive mural on a wall in his hometown of Philadelphia.

The mural was revealed in a Facebook post [via Consequence of Sound] by Jesse Trbovich, who plays in Vile's backing band, the Violators. It indicates that the album will be called Wakin' on a Pretty Daze, and Trbovich subsequently confirmed that this is title.

There are also several other short phrases in the mural that appear to be song titles. These include "To Do My Very Best," "I Don't Know Why I Ever Go Away," "Time Has Come," "I Live Along a Straight Line," "Alert/Adrift," "Looking Back in Gold Tones," "There's a Place for All My Friends," "Phone Ringing Off the Shelf," "Wise Crack" and "When I'm Home."

Vile revealed to Spin that the album is reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac's album Tusk. It was recorded with returning producer John Agnello and will come out through Matador, who told CoS that the mural will work into the album's final artwork.

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