Kurt Vile "KV Crimes" (video)

Kurt Vile 'KV Crimes' (video)
People sure seem to love Kurt Vile in his hometown. Not only has August 28 been declared Kurt Vile Day in Philadelphia by the mayor, but the new video for the rocking Wakin on a Pretty Daze cut "KV Crimes" shows the songwriter being honoured with a parade.

Admittedly, the parade is a rather modest one, as some folks clap for Vile and wave "KV" flags while he's wheeled around in a makeshift-looking throne while wearing a toy crown. They eventually have a lousy banquet of generic soda and sub sandwiches before Vile's attendants carry him into bed.

See Vile's summer tour schedule here. It includes Canadian dates in Laval, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.