Kurt Cobain's Estate Robbed Of $72 Million

Kurt Cobain's Estate Robbed Of $72 Million
Despite the fact that he has been dead for 14 years this April, Nirvana front-man (and still god to zillions of teenagers) Kurt Cobain apparently bought a house in New Jersey last year reportedly worth $3.2 million.

Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, first reported that thieves had committed fraudulent crimes five years ago, and claims to date there are approximately 188 credit cards in the dead rocker's name. Why has she let it go on? The former Hole singer said she was too strung out at the time to do anything about it.

Love also mentioned that she believes she can name the culprits who have apparently run up a $72 million deficit on Cobain's tab, saying "I know who they are."

Courtney recently met with the L.A. police department to give them details regarding a probe forensic accountants Kroll had launched, which discovered the massive amount of money, as well as stolen cheques used to buy cars, among other things.

Speaking to The Sun, Love said: "I knew it had been going on since when I went cuckoo — bananas — in 2003. It was fraud after fraud. But nobody believed me until now. I did a check on my deceased husband’s social security number and he has a house in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He bought it last year. I would like to know how. He should probably get his ass back home if that is the case.”

While Love isn't exactly the object of anybody's sympathy, she mentioned the real victim here is her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, who has a trust fund built from the fortune Cobain built with his music and legacy. "Taking a child’s money and future is a really horrible thing,” said Love.

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