Kronos Quartet & Bryce Dessner "Tour Eiffel" (video)

Kronos Quartet & Bryce Dessner 'Tour Eiffel' (video)
Today (November 5), the National's Bryce Dessner and chamber ensemble Kronos Quartet release their collaborative Aheym album via Anti-. To celebrate, they've shared a new video for "Tour Eiffel."

The song was composed with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus in mind, and is based on a poem from Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro.

The video, on the other hand, was directed by Alex Braverman and Poppy de Villeneuve, who shared the following statement about their experience:

Upon hearing "Tour Eiffel" we imagined ourselves hurtling at great speeds towards an unknown destination. Inspired by the line within the song from Vicente Huidobro's original text, 'My little boy to climb the Eiffel tower,' we wanted to tell a story of fathers and sons. We traveled with Kim Sanders, a retired Dallas Homicide detective, as he took a quiet solo road trip from his home in Texas to the Grand Canyon; a trip he had wanted to take with his son Skipper before his untimely death six years earlier. The resulting film is a rumination on motion, connectivity and loss—a linear journey through space, feelings, and the passage between spiritual realms.

Watch the 12-minute clip for "Tour Eiffel" below.