Kris 'Don't Feed the Animals' (EP stream)

Kris 'Don't Feed the Animals' (EP stream)
Rising Toronto rap figure Kris is making a play for listeners in and outside of the 6, having just delivered a new EP called Don't Feed the Animals. The quickie collection hits like a beast, and you can give the whole thing a listen right now through an online stream.

Don't Feed the Animals features six songs that tie together Kris' arsenal of rhymes and producer LEF7Y's left-field beats. Don't believe us? Check the lean boom-bap threaded throughout most of the title track, which is eventually upended by a seasick wobble of synths. Above this, Kris delivers quick-paced lyrics in both her god-given timbre, and with a syrupy, pitch-shifted flavour.

Elsewhere, "Push:Start" uses distorted vocal samples to score a scenario of riding through the city and, later, sipping tequila. "Sip Slow" likewise wraps soulful snippets of singing into the mix, while Kris spends the song employing an AutoTuned and somewhat explicit flow.

"The content in this project may come off as vulgar or even ignorant to some," Kris said in a statement. "To me it is too real. Everyone is use to Rap and Hip-Hop in general as being a very one sided, male dominant genre. I'm simply here to tell the other side of the story."

You'll find the full EP down below, courtesy of Complex.