Krautrock Reissue Round-Up: Amon Düül II's Yeti and Phallus Dei Get Deluxe Vinyl Repressing, Along with Riechmann's Wunderbar

Krautrock Reissue Round-Up: Amon Düül II's <i>Yeti</i> and <i>Phallus Dei</i> Get Deluxe Vinyl Repressing, Along with Riechmann's <i>Wunderbar</i>
As Krautrock fans know all too well, not only is getting a copy of Amon Düül II's legendary Yeti damn near impossible, it's freakin' expensive. And while that's unlikely to ever change if you want an original, the folks over at Revisited Records have made scoring a vinyl copy the record a whole a lot easier, and cheaper.

On June 30, the label will reissue both Yeti, the band's early Krautrock masterpiece from 1970, and Amon Düül II's 1969 effort Phallus Dei. The albums will be pressed up on double vinyl and abstain from tacking on any inferior bonus tracks to offer up the albums as they were originally intended. You can pre-order one now over on Amazon.

In some related news, another Krautrocker of yesterday is on deck to get some reissue treatment as well. Courtesy of Bureau B, Wolfgang Riechmann's Wunderbar will get re-released on vinyl, as well as CD, on July 21.

Here's how the press release describes this long-lost album by Riechmann, who back in the day collaborated with the likes of Michael Rother (Neu!, Harmonia) and Kraftwerk's Wolfgang Flühr: "Bureau B unearthed an absolute gem of German electronic music from 1978 influenced by Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Neu! Sequencer patterns meet synthesizer layers and simple, spherical melodies. Really "wunderbar"!"

Okay, yeah, it says "influenced by" up there, but trust us, Wunderbar is no copy-cat effort and stands up as total Kraut classic, even though the record has been sadly overshadowed by the bigger names of the genre since its original release on the Sky imprint in 1978.

To get a hold of this reissue, you can order a copy here.