Kraftwerk versus Kling Klang

Kraftwerk versus Kling Klang
Aging man-machines Kraftwerk are threatening legal action against UK outfit Kling Klang. And as Kraftwerk fans may have guessed, the looming lawsuit is indeed because of Kling Klang’s choice of moniker, which is the same as the German electronic pioneers’ legendary studio, or as they call it, "the mother ship.”

According to Drowned in Sound, Kling Klang, who are signed to Mogwai’s Rock Action label, received a fax last Sunday, April 6, from a promoter associated with Kraftwerk. It stated Kling Klang (which means "ding dong” in German) is a registered trademark of Kraftwerk’s and said if the British band do not change their name, the angered Germans will be seeing them in court.

However, according to the UK website, Kling Klang’s management released a statement saying that "even though it is fairly true that Kling Klang drew the inspiration for their name from the admiration for Kraftwerk’s immense contribution to modern music, it is also true that the expression ‘kling klang’ is not Kraftwerk’s creation… We do understand where Kraftwerk’s request originates from and that we will do our best to find a way to make every party happy and to solve the thing peacefully because we do admire Kraftwerk very much. But still, Kling Klang as a name has an affective meaning for all the band.”

Kling Klang are reportedly seeking legal advice and are "not too prone to accept Kraftwerk’s request.” Also, they stated that Kraftwerk should be "paternally gratified” that they chose the name they have.

Despite the harsh legal realities facing them, Kling Klang will continue to open up for Portishead next month in France and Belgium without a name change and plan to enter the studio soon to record the follow-up to Esthetik of Destruction, due out on Rock Action by the end of 2008.