KPT.MICH.IGAN Player, Player

If a geneticist were to splice the musical genes of Autechre, Merzbow and members of the Tigerbeat6 roster, KPT.MICH.IGAN would be a likely result. Initially and in later parts, KPT.MICH.IGAN is as exciting as watching a computer run a demo game of Pong, but around the third track and on most of Player, Player the music does get exciting in a head-bobbing way. Angular beats are placed next to the odd moment of Pan Sonic minimalism. Painful high frequency feedback and speaker-quivering distortion make up this album, but so do some sublime, ingeniously crafted IDM compositions. In a contradictory way, Player, Player manages to sound amateur, like someone just learning to use his or her gear conversely, it also sounds like a work by a highly skilled producer. Compositional grace co-exists with unfortunately afflicted parts, like the movements of Muhammed Ali fraught with Parkinson’s. Sure listening to this recording may be frustrating, but after experiencing the more superbly rendered tracks, the wait will be well worth it. (Aesthetics)