K.P. Devlin Shoot Down the Stars

KP Devlin's fourth release, Shoot Down the Stars, takes a bit of getting used to, but after a while you find yourself humming along. This is hooky pop with the potential to change genres effortlessly. Devlin is not from any one place necessarily and neither is his music. He has interests in various creative endeavours like film and painting and he seems to draw on these to bring extra texture to the arrangements. This includes raagini, bouzouki, and electric sitar on "Dandelion Wine" and "Not the Same." At the same time, his voice betrays a lazy ’70s pop/country sensibility, à la Glen Campbell, particularly on "Raze the Sun." Devlin's eccentric musical background is also reflected in his strong, interesting lyrics and production, with the good mood generated on "Sylia's Song" and the memorable epic "Mediterranean Moon." Clearly, Shoot Down the Stars is worth the listen.