Koushik Out My Window

The drop of Koushik’s highly anticipated full-length, Out My Window, is the perfect soundtrack to bring summer to a close. As the first Canadian signed to Stones Throw, Koushik holds his own when it comes to creating dreamy soundscapes of ’60s era psych pop, beautifully mixed with modern influences. Though his light, breezy vocals occasionally run a little on the subdued side (like on "Lying in the Sun” and "Nothing’s the Same”), Koushik more than makes up for it with his use of lush, layered arrangements and airy strings, which gives Out My Window that hazy down-tempo feel while cascades of energy weave throughout. He punctuates the album with welcome interludes, some tracks incorporating the unrestrained, organic percussion that flows through the disc, while others keep up the laidback, whispered pop vibe the album coasts on. Out My Window is a definite breath of fresh air to ride out the summer. (Stones Throw)