Korg Unveils Remake of Classic ARP Odyssey Synthesizer

Korg Unveils Remake of Classic ARP Odyssey Synthesizer
We're living in something of a golden age for vintage synth lovers. MOOG just announced plans to reissue some classic modular synthesizers, and now Korg is getting in on the action by revamping 1972's ARP Odyssey and putting it back into production. This confirms reports from last year that Korg would be remaking the instrument.

This synthesizer wasn't originally produced by Korg; rather, it's the work of the now-defunct American company ARP Instruments, which went out of business is 1981.

Korg isn't attempting to exactly recreate ARP's design. This version is 86 percent of the size of the original, has a 37-note "slim keyboard," and comes with updated features like USB, MIDI and a headphone port. That being said, the circuitry is the same, and ARP co-founder David Friend served as an advisor on its design.

Back in the day, there were three versions of the ARP synth, which were primarily distinguished by the filter circuit; this new model comes with all three filter circuits and a switch allows users to toggle between them. As with the original, this is a duophonic synthesizer, meaning that it can play up to two notes at the same time.

It even comes with a semi-hard case and patch cables. It's designed with black panels silk-screened with orange. There are also limited-edition models available that use white panels, or black panels with gold print; these recreate two of the instrument's original designs.

There's no release date or price just yet, but interested parties can learn more about the synth and see lots of photos over at this website. Watch a demo video below.