Korg Unveils Beatles-Themed Keyboard

Korg Unveils Beatles-Themed Keyboard
There's no shortage of synths and keyboards out there to serve nearly any purpose. You can compose beautiful ambient soundscapes, blast out some new wave tones, mimic your favourite '80s soundtracks or push the boundaries of sound in new and excited ways. But what if you just want to dick around and play along to some Beatles songs?

Korg has got those people covered with its brand new Liverpool keyboard. Named after the Beatles hometown, the blue sequencer is packed with 100 Beatles hits. You can mute different elements of the songs and stumble along.

That said, with its garish Union Jack flag and goofy MIDI versions of the songs, it won't exactly be the classiest instrument in your jam space. That said, it might be the most perfect addition to your dad's man cave.

Watch a promotional video for the Liverpool keyboard below.

Thanks to FACT for the tip.