Kool A.D. "Word" (NSFW video)

Kool A.D. 'Word' (NSFW video)
As long as animation has existed, so has animated sex. Watching cartoons bone is an important part of art history, which is something former Das Racist rapper Kool A.D. has made very clear in the new video for his song "Word."

The video re-imagines the rapper as a dirty dog who, upon waking from a nap, smokes a joint, shoots a gun with his rhymes, fucks an eight-breasted rabbit lady (doggy style, natch), flies to Mexico, checks out a topless chicken, and parties with some suspiciously familiar characters including a janky Mickey Mouse and stoned Bart Simpson rip-off. Unless your boss is okay with a cartoon chicken masturbating itself to completion, you should probably watch this one in private.

Check out the wonderfully NSFW "Word" video below.