Kool A.D. "Moneyball" (video)

Kool A.D. 'Moneyball' (video)
Now that Das Racist is no longer, it's hard not to compare the creative output of former buddies Heems and Kool A.D.. Just this morning (February 22), Heems dropped a video for his track "Desi Shoegaze Taiko," and Kool A.D. has responded with a clip for "Moneyball."

While Heems' effort was a quick copy-and-paste job from a Blade AVI file, however, Kool A.D. gets plenty cinematic in the clip for "Moneyball." There's lots of fire, flowers, fruit and fancy suits as the rapper delivers rhymes to himself via a magical mirror.

Check out the clip for "Moneyball" below. We're gonna call today's little contest in favour of Kool A.D.