Konono N°1 to Return This Spring with Congotronics Follow-Up

Konono N°1 to Return This Spring with <i>Congotronics</i> Follow-Up
Centered upon creative, ecstatic instrumentation and incomparable sound, Congolese street performers Konono N°1 quickly rose to prominence when they released their album Congotronics. But that was way back in 2004, making news of a fresh string of tour dates and the prospect of a new Congotronics album welcome news indeed.

According to a post from their label Crammed Discs, fans can expect a new Congotronics album to drop from the group this spring. The details are scarce, but the label writes, "All hail the springtime return of the mighty Konono N°1, with their follow-up to the seminal first volume of the Congotronics series (speaking of which, there should be some more exciting news to report for "Congotronics" fans in the near future)."

The label has promised more details soon, but for now that's all we know for certain: a new Konono N°1 full-length is on the way.

Fans who are lucky enough to attend the Matt Groening-curated All Tomorrow's Parties chapter in Minehead, UK this May will get to see a rare performance from the band, as they'll join Iggy & the Stooges, Panda Bear, the XX, Spiritualized and many others for the festival.

More tour dates from Konono N°1 are expected to be announced soon.