Kong 88-95

Kong: they are a Dutch instrumental four-piece that have been around for over a decade and have released five incredible albums since 1990. Live, they play on four separate stages and use a quadraphonic sound system set up in the middle of the venue. In those ridiculous "best bands you've never heard of" lists, they never get mentioned because what they do is too far removed from the mainstream. Never mind that they are one of the best bands you've never heard. Take it from a fan of over ten years; this band never fails to deliver the goods, is always progressing and has remained consistent in their pursuit of exploring musical netherworlds while writing freaking transcendental songs. Kong's first three albums were released on Peaceville and that's what this disc documents, along with a demo version of the brilliant "Fair," the unreleased "Workbank 3," a live version of "Results" and the video for "Stockhouse," possibly the fastest song they've ever done. The moods Kong are able to create with their Pink Floyd meets Foetus meets Techno Animal meets Voivod meets Godflesh meets the Chemical Brothers sound is very evident in their earliest work through to their mid-period prog rock excursions and the cataclysmic brilliance of their Push Comes to Shove album. This is also a noteworthy collection in that it features original drummer Rob Smits and guitarist Aldo Sprenger. How often have you heard a band being described as the future of music? Kong has been the future of music for 13 years. (Peaceville)