Kompakt Gets the Field, Gui Buratto, Superpitcher for New 'Total' Comp

Kompakt Gets the Field, Gui Buratto, Superpitcher for New 'Total' Comp
High-art electronic label Kompakt has dropped no shortage of great albums and singles in recent months, but it's also known for its regular compilations. Aside from the annual Pop Ambient releases, the brains behind the German imprint have resurrected its Total series.

The annual Total compilations are intended to showcase current artists, as well as explore some unreleased work from long-running Kompakt mainstays. Kompakt shelved the Total series for 2013, but it's back and bigger than ever this year.

The double-disc CD includes appearances from Thomas Fehlmann, DJ Tennis, Gui Buratto and the Field, among others. There's also brand-new material from Jürgen Paape, Michael Mayer, Superpitcher and Voigt & Voigt (a collaboration between brothers Reinhard and Wolfgang).

Kompakt will issue Total 14 on August 18 as a double CD. An abbreviated version of the compilation will also be pressed to a double-vinyl release.

Check out the full tracklisting for Total 14 below. The label has also made all of their previous Total releases available in one massive, 200-track playlist, embedded below.

Total 14:

Disc one:

1. Dauwd "Lydia"
2. COMA "Atlantis"
3. Gui Boratto "Take Control" (ft. Coma And Hell)
4. Kölsch "Cassiopeia" (ft. Gregor Schwellenbach)
5. Terranova "Headache" (ft. Cath Coffey)
6. Dave DK "Palmaille"
7. Superpitcher "Delta"
8. Saschienne "Horacio Delirium"
9. Blond:ish "Wunderkammer"
10. Gunjah & Niconé "Disko 90"
11. Maceo Plex "Conjure Superstar"
12. Weval "Something" (live)

Disc two:

1. DAMH "Black Night"
2. Thomas/Mayer "Unter Hölzern"
3. Thomas Fehlmann "Eye"
4. Voigt & Voigt "Tischlein Deck Dich"
5. Sebastien Bouchet "Broken Heart"
6. Michael Mayer "Lamusetwa" (Matias Aguayo mix)
7. DJ Tennis "The Outcast" (ft. Pillowtalk)
8. The Modernist "Die Fette Gazelle And The Hidden Sixpack"
9. Partial Arts "Taifa" (The Emperor Machine mix)
10. Justus Köhncke "Loop"
11. The Field "No. No..." (John Tejada mix)
12. GusGus "This Is What You Get When You Mess With Love"
13. Jürgen Paape "Heuriger"