Kompakt Announces 'Pop Ambient 2015' Compilation

Kompakt Announces 'Pop Ambient 2015' Compilation
From announcements to year-end lists with a whole lot of delayed rap albums in between, there are certain moments that define the year of a music fan. Those with an interest in artful boutique house music will surely be familiar with this particular time of the year, when Kompakt announces its annual Pop Ambient compilation.

As always, Pop Ambient 2015 was hand-picked by Wolfgang Voigt and offers a mix of newcomers and veterans in the ambient electronic world.

Rookie acts for the series include Thore Pfeiffer and Max Wuerden, who are helped along by familiar names like Ulf Lohmann, Jens-Uwe Beyer and bvdub.

The tracklisting for Pop Ambient 2015 is available below. The release itself will arrive on CD, vinyl and as a digital download on November 10.

For a look at previous entries into the long-running series, the label has made its entire Pop Ambient back catalogue, from 2001 to 2013, available to stream on YouTube. You'll find that playlist available below as well.

Pop Ambient 2015:

1. Thore Pfeiffer "Wie Es Euch GefäLlt"
2. Thore Pfeiffer "Nero"
3. Dirk Leyers "Daydreamer"
4. Gregor Schwellenbach "Assperg"
5. Leandro Fresco "Nada Es Para Siempre"
6. Max Wuerden "Container Love"
7. Ulf Lohmann "Refresh"
8. bvdub "In White Pagodas I'll Wait Foryou"
9. Jens-Uwe Beyer "Moewen"
10. Gustavo Lamas "Jovenes Ambient" (Remake)