Kode9 Re-teams with the Spaceape for Black Sun

Kode9 Re-teams with the Spaceape for <i>Black Sun</i>
A true progenitor of dubstep, Kode9 (born Steve Goodman) keeps busy as the head of Hyperdub, a published PhD-holding professor and a solo artist. Then there's his collaborations with MC the Spaceape, with whom Kode9 released the impressive debut Memories of the Future in 2006. Now, Kode9 has revealed that the duo have joined forces again for a new album in 2011.

Details are scarce for the project at this point, but we do know the album is called Black Sun and a Hyperdub press release tells fans to "prepare for something very different from their last album and everything else around." Black Sun will be the first full-length album from Hyperdub in 2011, with a TBA release date set for early April.

Prior to the album's release, Hyperdub will also unveil singles from new signees Morgan Zarate and Funkystepz on January 24.

Black Sun:

1. "Black Smoke" [ft. Cha Cha]
2. "Promises"
3. "Bullet Against Bone"
4. "Green Sun"
5. "The Cure" [ft. Cha Cha]
6. "Hole in the Sky"
7. "Otherman"
8. "Love Is the Drug" [ft. Cha Cha]
9. "Black Sun (Partial Eclipse Mix)"
10. "Neon Red Sign" [ft. Cha Cha]
11. "Am I"
12. "Kryon" [ft. Flying Lotus]