Knowself and Moves Pseudo Freedom in the Age of Manipulation

Originally recorded in 1999, Pseudo Freedom in the Age of Manipulation was fated to remain in bootleg limbo until Legendary Entertainment made it legit. Pseudo Freedom is a dark and dense album that requires repeat listens to fully embrace. Politics, religion and conspiracies are the topics of the day for Knowself, who rocks his deep-voice monotone in double-time raps. As always, Moves tailors his beats to each individual MC, and the result here adds to the darkness, even if they are still somewhat quirky. The second half is the strongest. Kunga 219 kicks things up a notch with his verse on "Hidden Depths,” followed by a merry-go-round instrumental entitled "Knowself’s Wedding March,” and then it’s the album’s crowning jewel. "Her” begins with some simple drums and pre-verse chatter by Tachichi but quickly turns into one of the roughest verses about love ever, and then Knowself slows it down to reminisce on the same topic with wicked raps that barely rhyme. Still, the simplest message is the best sometimes. Things continue smoothly with "Meaning” featuring Sixtoo, and "Probability Distribution?” with the hardest of hard beats, followed by an instrumental and nearly spoken word outro. "Does the Pope Eat Pork?,” "Forgotten?” and the previously-released posse cut "Reality of Birth” with Kotep Omegatron, Mindbender and Sixtoo, are highlights of the first half. It’s Behold A Pale Horse and X-Files with a hip-hop beat. (Legendary)