The Knife Working On Darwinian Opera

The Knife Working On Darwinian Opera
Despite the Knife keeping a low-profile this year, it appears the Swedish duo have a lot planned for 2009, including, of all things, a Darwinian opera. Apparently, the brother-sister team have been working away on a stage production tilted Tomorrow, in a Year for Danish performance company Hotel Pro Forma and are set to debut it sometime in 2009.

According to Hotel Pro Forma’s website (via The Daily Swarm), the opera is in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species, the British scientist’s pivotal piece of literature on evolutionary biology. The theatre company is not 100 percent clear on how Darwin’s work is to be portrayed on stage, but here’s what it has to say about the Knife’s role:

"The opera concept places the performance on a large scale and in a space of reality where expression dominates. The Swedish music group the Knife create completely new compositions that challenge the conventional conception of opera. The form is experimental and exploratory. The music is written for three singers who come from different backgrounds: electronica pop, classical opera and performance. They are the protagonists of the performance, displaying three ways of experiencing the world. They are the spokesman, the organiser, and the one who acts. They are structure, sensation, form, time and thought.”

And if doing a full-on opera about The Origin of Species wasn’t enough, the Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson is to put out an album by her new solo project, dubbed Fever Ray, early next year on Rabid Records. So far, she’s only been teasing us with a track called "If I Had a Heart (Instrumental Edit)," which is available to listen to on Fever Ray’s website, keeping mum about all of the details.

Also, there’s no word if the Knife’s musical contribution to Tomorrow, in a Year will eventually find its way onto record or if the duo have set to work on a proper follow-up to their much-loved 2006 album, Silent Shout.

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