The Knife Unveil Epic Tracklist for 'Shaking the Habitual'

The Knife Unveil Epic Tracklist for 'Shaking the Habitual'
Last month, Swedish electronic duo the Knife announced the April release of Shaking the Habitual, their first LP since 2006's Silent Shout, and now we have a little more info as to what we can expect, via a tracklist reveal.

The 13-song set is apparently epic, with its run-time clocking in at just under 100 minutes. It'll be issued as a double-CD set, as well as on three LPs, and it features tracks that range from the 37-second "Oryx" to the girthy, 19-and-a-half minute "Old Dreams Waiting to be Realized." You can check out the rest of the tracklisting down below.

As previously reported, Shaking the Habitual drops April 8 overseas and a day later in North America through Rabid/ Brille/Mute.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

Shaking the Habitual:

1. A Tooth for an Eye (6:04) 

2. Full of Fire (9:17) 

3. A Cherry on Top (8:43)

4. Without You My Life Would Be Boring (5:14)

5. Wrap Your Arms Around Me (4:36)

6. Crake (0:55)

7. Old Dreams Waiting to Be Realized (19:22)

8. Raging Lung (9:58)

9. Networking (6:42)

10. Oryx (0:37)

11. Stay Out Here (10:42)

12. Fracking Fluid Injection (9:54)

13. Ready to Lose (4:36)