Klone The Dreamer's Hideaway

KloneThe Dreamer's Hideaway
A progressive metal quintet from Poitiers, France, Klone join a heavy metal community that's alive with experimentation. Their fourth full-length, The Dreamer's Hideaway, was produced by Franck Hueso (known for his work with Hacride and Deathspell Omega) and this record fits into that coterie of records extremely well. Their sound lays elements of early grunge and jazz fusion on a solid progressive metal armature, sounding something like Porcupine Tree with some Nirvana scuffing it up, with even a slightly more mechanical industrial influence adding some engine oil and shuddering gears to the mix. "Rocket Smoke" and "Into the Void" are standout tracks for their scope and ambition, their willingness to become stratospheric as well as atmospheric. Vast and hungry, with The Dreamer's Hideaway, Klone have given themselves a huge field to wander in and do their best to fill that space, beginning with a foundation of deep, progressive grooves and building up to intricate spires of airy experimentation. (Klonosphere)