Well Worn

KlloWell Worn
They've already played sold out shows and festivals, and been touted by several as Artists to Watch after the release of their first EP Cusp in 2014; now, Melbourne duo Kllo are looking to garner the same response with their latest EP, Well Worn.
Kllo's music drips with saccharine melodies and bubbling synths, oscillating between electro-pop and more soulful ballads. Well Worn warrants a nod of satisfied recognition with tracks like "Walls to Build" and single "Bolide," the former stuffed with looped wobbly bass and the latter splashed with skipped beats and clipped vocals. The rest of the EP is polished and clean, inventive in its execution, and yet it suffers from a significant lack of dynamism and distinction, falling into the categories of either upbeat or melancholic and soulful with little to differentiate the tracks.
Despite its likeable evocations of UK garage and 2-step on the first half of the EP, by its end, Well Worn feels a bit too, um, well worn to feel particularly new or exciting. (Ghostly International)
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