Kleerup "Until We Bleed" (Feat. Lykke Li)

Kleerup "Until We Bleed" (Feat. Lykke Li)
Last year, "With Every Heartbeat," the collaboration between Robyn and Kleerup, managed to climb to the top of the UK charts and turn Robyn, a one-time chart-topper in the decade prior, back into a mega-pop star. Funny thing is, no one seemed to notice the dude whose name was actually on the record.

Welcome to the world of the humble Swedish producer. A world where it's the pretty face and sweet voice in front that gets the recognition while the producer in back simply slaves away programming melodies, finding fresh beats and arranging songs behind the curtain.

Earlier this year, Andreas Kleerup released his debut full-length, simply titled Kleerup, with little hubbub and in typical Swedish fashion, no distribution outside of Scandinavia. I'm not sure why people aren't knocking down his door, considering he helped lift Robyn to stardom, and even more so because his LP has 12 more tracks destined to do the same for his star.

For more evidence of his talent, what the A&R folk need to be listening to is his collaboration with Sweden's latest starlet, Lykke Li. Though it was never released commercially (he chose his collaborations with Titiyo, Merit Bergman and Neneh Cherry instead), "Until We Bleed" not only falls nicely alongside the rest of the album but also Lykke's Youth Novels, which shares a lot of the same downbeat beauty but with a more organic touch.

Lacking some of the drama that made "With Every Heartbeat" so arresting, "Until We Bleed" flows amorphously, with synths cascading, strings appearing in and out of thin air, and a steady house beat providing the lifeline underneath. It's the album's most stunning track and is deserving of raising Andreas' profile from a handle often confused for "Kleenex" to international super-producer.

Lykke Li Kleerup feat. Lykke Li "Until We Bleed"

Kleerup feat. Lykke Li "Until We Bleed" (live)