Kleenex/Liliput Live Recordings, TV-Clips and Roadmovie

Before the term "riot grrrl" was coined, Zurich, Switzerland's LiLiPUT (formerly known as Kleenex) helped set the scene for anarchistic female empowerment with their uncompromising brand of post-punk. This dual live set features the original line-up performing in Biel, circa '79,while the secondary performance was recorded in their homeland as a three-piece in '83, revealing a drastic change between the sloppy and energetic style of early offerings like "Hedi's Head" and "Ain't You" to the abstract and haunting form of later efforts "Boat Song" and "You Did It." Unfortunately, both sets are clumsy and the detuned, jangling guitars and botched vocal cues can be a bit irksome, but hearing live versions of some never released songs, as well as some classics, is worthwhile. Enclosed with the package is a DVD containing several live television performances, as well as an eccentrically shot Super 8 video of their 1982 tour. This is a decent effort to unearth a true staple in punk rock history. (Kill Rock Stars)