Klaxons "Twin Flames" (video)

Klaxons "Twin Flames" (video)
Well, this is a weird one. Things are admittedly a little kinky straight from the get-go in the Klaxons' latest video, as a drum circle turns into a mild voyeuristic affair of lifted skirts and panty upshots. Soon enough, the clip devolves into a nightmarish orgy between a cluster of conjoined man-woman hybrids spewing K-Y Jelly from every orifice. It's kind of like the doctor from The Human Centipede's wet dream.

While the morphed and tangled bodies, which link breasts to neck holes, ankles to crotches and so on and so forth, should probably creep us out, it kind of has us excited about all the erotic possibilities of human evolution.

Needless to say, unless you work at a porno store or some sort of freakish avant-garde film society, this is totally NSFW.

"Twin Flames" appears on Klaxons' latest release, Surfing the Void.

Klaxons 'Twin Flames' from Trim Editing on Vimeo.