Kiss to Release 'Destroyer: Resurrected'

Kiss to Release 'Destroyer: Resurrected'
With Kiss's new single "Hell or Hallelujah" having debuted earlier this month, the Kiss Army is no doubt dying for the Kabuki paint-loving classic rock quartet to drop their next album, Monster, this fall. Before Kiss's 20th album hits retailers October 16, though, the group will dip into their back catalogue for a deluxe edition of their celebrated 1976 full-length, Destroyer.

The newly minted Destroyer: Resurrected will hit shelves August 21 through Universal Music. Original album producer Bob Ezrin grabbed the original tapes and gave them a full remastering, though he also tweaked the set a bit.

While classics like opener "Detroit Rock City" and Gene Simmons's child-choir assisted "Great Expectations" received spit-shines, the band's hit ballad "Beth" has been reworked to include the original vocal mix. Apparently, a forgotten vocal piece has been rediscovered and inserted into the new mix. Destroyer: Resurrected also includes two versions of "Sweet Pain," the original and an alternate take with a different guitar solo.

The new package also features Ken Kelly's original artwork. When it was initially submitted, the cartoony group was gleefully standing on some rubble in front of a flaming city landscape, as Destroyers, if you will. Kiss's then record company Casablanca objected to the violent imagery, and had Kelly rework the image to have the troupe in front of a nebulous blue background. You can catch Kelly talking about the hubbub down below.

Destroyer: Resurrected:

1. Detroit Rock City

2. King Of The Night Time World

3. God Of Thunder

4. Great Expectations

5. Flaming Youth

6. Sweet Pain

7. Shout It Out Loud

8. Beth

9. Do You Love Me?

10. Sweet Pain (original guitar solo) (bonus track)