Kiss Kiss / Fake Problems / Winslow Underworld, Montreal, QC July 6

Winslow started the night off early with an awkward mix of pop and skate punk. Out of tune and certainly rough around the edges, the Montreal trio appeared amateurish and uncomfortable, though these young kids still rocked out the best they could. Still, despite running around the empty room and thrashing onstage, the sparse crowd was not motivated to engage in their set.

Thankfully, Kiss Kiss fared better. The New York outfit continues to be one of the most underrated bands on the touring circuit. They fuse Cursive-esque songwriting with orchestral rock, '90s emo charm and modern indie rock. Odd time signatures, trippy interludes and spastic guitar/keyboard duals are at the band's centre, while vocalist Josh Benash's high-pitched yelps are the perfect accessory to their orchestrated madness.

Kiss Kiss played mostly songs off their fresh-from-the-oven Eyeball Records release The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left, breaking out standouts such as the manic "All the Draw," bizarre bass solo and chaotic melodies intact. Also included was a rapid rendition of the Tetris theme halfway through the set, as well as perhaps the most bizarre thing of the entire performance: a raggedy, old talking doll providing the deranged intro banter.

Florida's Fake Problems closed the show minus one guitar player, who was strangely replaced by a trumpet player. Despite it being unusual, the band sounded pretty solid with the addition of the horns.