Kiss Get Their Own Kids Show

Kiss Get Their Own Kids Show
If you thought aging, costumed rock band Kiss couldn't possibly have found any more ways to market themselves, think again. Independent entertainment mogul E1 Entertainment has revealed a production and development deal with the creatures of the night to create a children's program in their image.

Yes, you read that right. In the official announcement, the company says it is going to work with founding members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to craft an as-yet-unnamed "comedic half-hour kids television series that galvanizes the band's iconic personas for its young fans."

"We're honoured to be involved in carrying on the Kiss legacy. It's wonderful to collaborate with the creative forces behind one of the greatest rock bands of all time and unquestionably one of the most recognized worldwide," says E1's senior VP of kids animation Frank Saperstein.

Simmons notes, "Kiss continues to be the juggernaut of licensing and merchandising, from Kiss M&M's to KISS Dr. Pepper," failing to recall that at one time Kiss was a juggernaut of something else: music. Oh, wait...

"Kiss is a band, but also the only music brand. Continuing in our 35 year history of going where no band has gone before, we are proud to partner with E1. Like all things Kiss, we intend to make this a very special show for our fans."

Apparently he doesn't realize real shock rockers GWAR joked about the idea years ago in their home video Skulhedface yet had the brains not to let their image be sullied so.

Parents caveat: this is what Kiss did to the last bunch of kids they dealt with: