Kiss Detail 'Monster'

Kiss Detail 'Monster'
As previously reported, kabuki-painted rockers Kiss are about to release a remastered version of their classic 1976 LP Destroyer. There may be debate amongst the Kiss Army over the group's recent output, but some are no doubt also anxiously awaiting the unit's upcoming 20th album, Monster. The band previously premiered album opener and first single "Hell or Hallelujah," and now they've detailed the rest of the set.

Monster will be issued October 16 through Universal and will feature 13 new cuts. Guitarist Paul Stanley produced the collection with Greg Collins at Hollywood, CA's Conway Studios, as well as Studio City, CA's the Nook.

The band claim the disc is classic Kiss, and sidesteps frills and gimmicks for straight-up rock'n'roll. "There are no symphony orchestras, boy choirs, keyboards, outside producers or songwriters on this album," bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons said in a statement. "The best thing we did was to turn inwards to ourselves."

On top of the expected Simmons- and Stanley-sung tunes, guitarist Tommy Thayer tackles lead vocal duties on "Outta This World." The track is apparently a tribute to his Spaceman character, which was originated by former axe-slinger Ace Frehley. Current drummer Eric Singer, meanwhile, sings "All for the Love of Rock & Roll"


1. Hell Or Hallelujah 

2. Wall Of Sound 

3. Freak

4. Back To The Stone Age
5. Shout Mercy 

6. Long Way Down 

7. Eat Your Heart Out 

8. The Devil Is Me 

9. Outta This World 

10. All For The Love Of Rock & Roll
11. Take Me Down Below 

12. Last Chance

13. Right Here Right Now