Kirsty Hawkshaw Meta Message

Kirsty Hawkshaw has worked with some of the best artists from every subgenre of dance music and both her songwriting and her voice have adapted perfectly to each style. Meta Message is a collection of these tracks including her UK number one single from the early ’90s with Opus III, collaborations with Tiesto, Hybrid and Delerium, and a handful of new tracks to fill in the gaps. Hawkshaw’s voice is as beautiful as it is versatile, capturing the essence of every track. The only weak points are the brief excursions into folk music such as the album’s single "Reach For Me” featuring pop-jazz sensation Jamie Cullum — a track better suited for a Women and Songs compilation than a career collection from one of dance music’s finest divas. Despite the occasional glitch, this is a delectable selection of female vocal dance tracks with just the right level of nostalgia. (Nettwerk)