7 (or 8)

Kinski7 (or 8)
Kinski's last full-length, 2013's Cosy Moments, was more direct, more emphatic than their earlier work; 7 (or) 8 is a continuation of this. The album is buoyed by a distinct '90s alt-rock undercurrent throughout. "I Fell Like a Fucking Flower" starts with some interesting tonal qualities before diverting into a fuzzy version of Stone Temple Pilots' "Vaseline." The rumbling "Detroit Trickle Down" sounds like A Place to Bury Strangers covering My Bloody Valentine. If you're not familiar with Kinski, you may find yourself expecting vocals to kick in, but when they do on the next track, "Flight Risk," the skeezy, barfly style feels tossed off and has a cheapening effect on the song.

Conversely, "Operation Negligee" features the most satisfying vocals on the album, and alongside the track's sorrowful, grungy guitar, the band evoke Eric's Trip. While less showy, this low-key song stands out and could be the key to Kinski attracting new fans 16 years into their career. (Kill Rock Stars)
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