Kinnie Star / Lily Frost / Marlowe El Mocambo, Toronto ON - May 29, 2003

A Kinnie Starr show is almost always an extended family affair. Her bassist, Marlowe, began the evening with a solo set before Kinnie's next-of-kin, Lily Frost, took over with her smooth and classy pop. The scene found elegance on stage — a full band, including stand-up bass and violin, supported Frost — while a comfortable crowd seated on the floor found Kinnie herself mingled amongst the cross-legged, singing and nodding along. Starr's own time began soft and slow with "Warm," a love song from both her Sun Again and Tune-Up discs. By the fourth song, Kinnie finally pulled out a Sun Again number, proving that Kinnie live is always of unquestionably higher quality. Displaying her famed heavy eye contact and crowd-involvement tactics, Kinnie waded through the audience, reciting spoken word pieces and even inviting an impressive audience member to "throw down a verse." Even her atypically radio-friendly track "Discovered" became palatable, finally free of its cheesy guest appearances, while an encore as-is version of "Woven" pleased even the most old school fans.