Kinks Documentary on the Way, Julien Temple Set to Direct, says Ray Davies

Kinks Documentary on the Way, Julien Temple Set to Direct, says Ray Davies
He's made documentary films about the Sex Pistols and Joe Strummer. Now director Julien Temple wants to do a full-length feature on the Kinks, according to the band's former front-man Ray Davies.

In a recent interview with the Independent, Davies revealed the tasty tidbit about Temple, who filmed such classic '80s Kinks vids like "Come Dancing" and "State of Confusion."

Previously, in a 2007 interview with the Generalist, Temple hinted that he'd soon be making a film about the Kinks, and even mentioned the working title of Kinkdom Come, but he hasn't said much about the project since. His film about Strummer, The Future Is Unwritten,, was released in 2007, five years after the death of the legendary leader of the Clash, and his critically acclaimed look at the Sex Pistols, The Filth and the Fury, came out in 2000.

As we previously reported, Davies talked late last year about a full-fledged Kinks reunion and had even started writing new material, but in the recent Independent interview, Davies seems to have doused the reunion flames for now.

Davies says his brother Dave has fully recuperated from a 2004 stroke and is playing guitar again, and he still plays with drummer Mick Avory. However, there are currently no plans to reform the band, although Davies does miss it. "I gotta tell you, I miss the Kinks," he said. "I heard 'Lola' on the radio a few months back, and I was amazed how strong the intro was."

In April, Davies performed a brief set as the Kast Off Kinks in Holland. The line-up featured Avory and former Kinks members Jim Rodford, Ian Gibbons, and Dave Clarke in place of Dave Davies.