KiNK's galvanizing live performances have flair. A brief scroll through YouTube DJ sets demonstrates that the mastermind behind the project, Strahil Velchev, has no reservations about throwing himself in with the crowd. Witnesses to the might wonder how he finds the time to get away, from his stage setup when the assembly of gear that accompanies his sets appears so overwhelming.
On his latest EP, Chorus, KiNK reflects the workmanship of his live sets. Effectively divided into two portions, it storms through the doors with a title track whose structure evokes many a club anthem, with a familiar incandescent rise that leads to KiNK's fussy filter tuning, as he manipulates synth notes along a subtle gradient. The acidic flavour of "Emotional Breakdown" is nice at first, but peters out as he employs the same strategy, to diminishing returns.
Hypnotic loops make up the latter half, delivering a rather abrupt end to the EP. While these can offer insight into KiNK's detail obsession (and are probably handy for DJs), the immense recognition he's earned comes from what develops overtop these loops, not the loops themselves. Without the usual crust of synths and drum lines, it's hard not to feel just a little short-changed as listeners. (Midnight Shift)
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