King's X Ogre Tones

Their first release since 2001’s underrated Manic Moonlight, which dabbled briefly with an electronic influence, King’s X have retreated back to their original sound with their tail between their legs, and are certainly better off for it. While not a full-on return to the early sounds of Gretchen Goes To Nebraska (sorry, long-time fans) or the heavier dynamic of Dogman, Ogre Tones certainly contains the group’s catchiest, most varied, and often most crushing material in years. Opener and leadoff single "Alone” gets the album started at a sturdy pace, and drops midway through into an impressive breakdown which champions King’s X’s willingness to develop and expand their sound while continuing to impress their small, but devoted group of listeners. From the bluesy swagger of "Freedom” to the pensive, almost melancholic pacing of "Sooner Or Later,” this is an album of dynamics, and clearly defined, individual songs that each succeed on their own merit. It really is miracle that this band have not been more successful, considering how prolific and influential they have been. It’s time to show King’s X the appreciation, and hopefully the record sales, they deserve. (Inside Out)