Kings of Leon Unveil Album Details for Come Around Sundown

Kings of Leon Unveil Album Details for <i>Come Around Sundown</i>
Apart from that time they were forced off stage by a deluge of pigeon poo, it's been an amazing couple of years for Kings of Leon. Having long been a success in the UK, the band finally scored a North American smash with 2008's Only by the Night. Now, they've unveiled the details surrounding its follow-up.

The album is called Come Around Sundown and, as previously reported, is due out on October 19 via RCA. Despite the fall release date, the group have chosen an extremely summery album cover, which you can see above.

Check out the 13-song tracklist below. Judging by the song titles, Kings of Leon are still dude's dudes, with references to trucks ("Pickup Truck") and poker ("Pony Up"). According to a press release, "It's yet another bold and expansive statement by the Nashville, Tennessee-based quartet."

The disc was produced by Angelo Petraglia and Jacquire King, the same team responsible for Only by the Night. It was recorded in New York City's Avatar Studios.

Come Around Sundown:

1. "The End"
2. "Radioactive"

3. "Pyro"

4. "Mary"

5. "The Face"

6. "The Immortals"

7. "Back Down South"

8. "Beach Side"

9. "No Money"

10. "Pony Up"

11. "Birthday"

12. "Mi Amigo"

13. "Pickup Truck"